Greg talks about his approach to weddings



Greg Evans Career.......

You might know Greg from his background on both television and radio, but it is this experience in the entertainment industry that has made him one of Melbourne’s most sought after marriage celebrants.

This is a day you and your partner will remember for the rest of your lives and choosing the right marriage celebrant will help you achieve this. The best reason for choosing your celebrant is their style. You want someone who will tailor the ceremony to suit your personalities and Greg can help you with advice on all aspects of your wedding to achieve this. His many years of experience are at your disposal. You will find Greg’s attention to detail most refreshing. He will explain all you need to know about legal requirements and the various elements of the ceremony that you may choose.

Greg has taken his talents as host of Perfect Match and Blind Date, as well as his years on radio to provide a wedding ceremony experience that is both professional and engaging without being stiff and boring. The best reason for choosing Greg is because his record shows that what you can expect is a premier celebrant service that will make your day memorable for both you and your guests.